Lessons from Hollywood

Insights into Talent | 04 August 2015

With Disney Pixar once again topping the box office chart with their latest film Inside Out, Matt Furness explores what it is about them that creates continued success.

The art of measuring engagement

27 July 2015

Everyone recognises the importance of having an engaged workforce. Most organisations measure this through a survey. This article considers other ways that organisations can track engagement, how this information should be used and the key role that line managers play in this process.

Webinar: Lane4's approach to the future of work

Is your organisation embracing the future of work appropriately? | 19 August 2015

12:00-12:30 The future of work has been a popular topic for a long time, but with so much noise entering the market, understanding what these drivers mean to your business can be a challenge. Do you have effective strategies in place to thrive?