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The Wave 2011 - articles

Faye F. Didymus and David Fletcher explore making the grass greener: using 'psychological gardening' to blossom under pressure. As individuals with fast paced, demanding lifestyles where the empha

Lane4's Mark Richardson and Adam Stuart discuss how organisations can get the most from their sporting sponsorship. Organisations have traditionally viewed sports sponsorships as an opportunity to

The Wave 2011: Star gazing | 17 April 2012

Lane4's Dr Zara Whysall and Jeremy Cross discuss talent management in the current climate. In both sport and business, significant time and money is spent trying to identify and develop worldclass

Lane4 and Nationwide Building Society have been working in collaboration to develop Nationwide's leaders for the past two years. One of the focal points has been around how to lead authentically thr

Ross Wadey shares tips for thriving in the face of adversity. Stress is part and parcel of life. Whether it's organisational (e.g. being promoted or fired) or non-organisational stress (e.g. gett

Lane4's Alison Mowbray tells her inspiring story of 'mindset not muscle', because no step is too small. It seems to me that sometimes we make life so complicated. We set our aspirations so high or

James L. Rumbold and David Fletcher ask what businesses can learn from sport about preparing to perform. Performing on the 'big stage' is demanding. Whether it's a challenging sales pitch to poten

Matt Rogan explores the parallels between the two London Olympic Games - 1948 and 2012. Innovation in times of austerity. In January 2012 we were only 200 days away from the Opening Ceremony of t

The Wave 2011: In Transition | 07 February 2012

Lane4 Consultant Charlie Unwin explores how he transfered his skills, learnings and approaches of high performance from the military and sport into business practices. As a boy I was always inter

Lane4's Head of Communications Natalie Benjamin explores the concept of courageous leadership communication and provides top tips on how to prepare to give difficult messages. It was management c

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