Future of work infographic | 27 August 2015

The world of work is changing fast. Companies who understand and adapt to the drivers of change are seeing huge performance benefit in their profitability, productivity, employee engagement, retention and overall performance. Those who are slow to adapt will be left behind.

We are delighted to support the upcoming CRF International Conference in Vienna from Monday5th - Wednesday 7th October.

We have created a new personal resilience infographic highlighting how resilience impacts engagement and organisational performance. Did you know that 63% of people stated that when their resilience is low so istheir wellbeing?

Lane4 partners with KPMG | 25 March 2015

Lane4 forms a partnership KPMG to provide a strong new alternative for clients looking for talent management solutions. Both firms to come together to provide leadership development, assessment and coaching services to clients

We are delighted to announce that Argos and ourselves have recently been awarded Silver in the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the category 'Best learning programme to support a change transformation business strategy'.

We are delighted to announce that ourselves and Blue Beetle have won the CIPD People Management Award for Best HR/LD supplier for our work with Jaguar Land Rover.

In 2014, Lane4 became a strategic partner to Jaguar Land Rover, replacing its previous company-wide training provision with our experiential skills training courses. This has driven a £2.4 million cost saving forJaguar Land Roverin Q1, and, along with Blue Beetle, we are delighted to have been shortlisted for a CIPD People Management 'Best HR / LD Supplier' Award for our work.

Provision to include coaching support, team development facilitation and 25 different categories of skills training

Help Lane4 stay at the cutting edge of human performance by participating in our latest research study on engaging hard to reach employees.

We are proud to announce the launch of Comment8 - our new Internal Communications and Engagement Consultancy.