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White Papers

20 August 2014

Innovation is becoming a necessity for firms faced with rapid advances in technology, increasingly active customers, shortening product life cycles, and increasing international competition. So what can we do to break down the myths and paradoxes to become more innovative?

We all know that organisational change is difficult. Across different types of change, from mergers and acquisitions, to restructuring and culture change, on average only one in three is successful. So how can organisations change this?

Most definitions of talent encompass characteristics that are assumed to lead to superior performance. Many believe that the more a person has of these characteristics, the better. But research into leadership derailment suggests otherwise; that leaders can actually overplay these positive characteristics, to the extent that they become weaknesses.

Sponsorship is now a key element of how companies develop their business and brand in the 21st century. Companies invest over £32 billion in sponsorship globally. Yet our research suggests that many organisations may be failing to gain the full business impact from their expenditure. So how can organisations maximise this investment?

To investigate the Leadership Pipeline, we had 204 leaders complete our detailed questionnaire. It covered topics such as leadership competencies, how behaviours need to change as leaders transition and what are the best ways of supporting these transitions. The results are analysed and discussed in this white paper.

(Not) Lost in Transition | 28 January 2014

Lane4 held a roundtable event with senior HR executives as a focus group to enable us to better understand leadership transitions. We anaylsed the discussions anddiscuss the results in length in this white paper.

Drawing from our own research, we have been able to more clearly define the future transitions that leaders need to make throughout their careers. This white paper will discuss these transitions, the behaviours that need to change and what organisations can do to support their leaders in transition.

This report provides an insight into five organisations' experiences of significant change. A case study approach was taken to explore what we can learn from real-life, in-depth stories of business transformation

All organisations, regardless of size, length of existence or reputation can find themselves vulnerable to stalls in growth, decreasing share prices or even complete failure. In recent times think of Lehman Brothers, Woolworths, Arthur Andersen and Enron to name but a few.

Coaching has become big business over the past decade. More and more organisations are reaping the rewards of quality coaching, which include enhanced performance, motivation, self-efficacy, job satisfaction and leadership capability. So the question is: Are you really maximising the value of coaching?

Has employee engagement become a dirty term in your organisation? Don't be suprised if it has: despite several years in the limelight, employee engagement is reportedly at an all time low. Lane4 recently hosted a round-table discussion with business leaders, HR and Internal Comms professionals from several large firms to discuss employee engagement and what really impacts on organisational performance.

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