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Vicky Wells

Vicky Wells


Where has your passion for performance come from?

I’ve worked in a variety of very different industries and seen performance delivered through some very different approaches. Having experienced it being done really well has made me passionate about what can be achieved, even under adverse circumstances.

Who is your leadership role model and why?

My role model is a leader I had quite a few years ago who managed with incredible skill to enable everyone who worked for him to achieve their best and feel valued and supported.  It was also the happiest team of people I’ve worked with.

What is your Lane4 career highlight?

I worked with an organisation and saw first-hand how it transformed from a place where  unresolved  conflict prevented effective performance to a place where there is an open and honest culture where people are fulfilled and able to maximise opportunities for themselves and the  organisation. 

What do you think gives organisations the winning edge?

A culture of openness and honesty that allows people to deal confidentially with the difficult conversations and ensure that the business utilises everything their employees have to offer.