Adrian Moorhouse is Lane4's co-founder and Managing Director. He was also Olympic Champion for 100m breaststroke in 1988. He recently spoke to HR Review to discuss what business can learn from the w

Sport is, and always will be, a powerful metaphor for business. Fierce competition, winning by the smallest margins, achieving goals, determination and teamwork are all key components of both worlds

Lane4's Client Services Director Dominic Mahony shares his thoughts with Personnel Today. As the dust settles on the London 2012 Olympic Games and the winter nights draw in, it's easy to forget j

Job dissatisfaction at a high due to poor communication from management A third (32%) of UK employees are on the look out for a new job 86% of workers reveal that they don't get the training an

Middle management and junior staff starting their careers are under intense pressure in the workplace One in five British workers report the most junior staff feel extreme pressure at work 91%

Lane4's Adrian Moorhouse speaks to TheObserver about the lessons that corporate organisations can learn from athletes and the Games.

Lane4's Adrian Moorhouse and Mark Richardson talk to The Metro about what the future can hold for the retiring athletes of London 2012, and reflect on their own transitions.

Lane4's Adrian Moorhouse talks to Employee Benefits magazine about how employes can use the Olympic and Paralympic Games to boost staff engagement.

Lane4's Adrian Moorhouse speaks to The Edge magazine about lessons that UK business can takje from the Games to help improve productivity and employee engagement.

As London hosts the world's greatest sporting spectacle, Adrian Moorhouse advises BA Business Life on the key lessons for UK businesses