More Than Just a Game | 26 June 2006

Even the most ardent armchair football fan has a lot to learn. Vicky Frost finds out what is really involved in sports science and speaks to people who have turned a postgraduate degree into a rew

Swimming along in the fast lane | 23 February 2006

After winning an Olympic gold, Adrian Moorhouse has made waves in consultancy, writes Andrew Cave It takes quite a lot to beat an Olympic gold medal but former swimmer Adrian Moorhouse reckons the

For some of the elite athletes gathered for the Winter Olympics in Turin, the presence of a sports psychologist will be just as important as a trackside coach. Without the mind-toughening techniques

Our correspondent did not find Narnia when meditating in a cupboard, but he shares the Olympic winner's faith in psychology I am in a typically mundane, low-ceilinged conference room in an office