Common Issues

Changing an organisation's culture

The need to pay attention to organisational culture has never been more important. Sometimes companies shy away from tackling culture as it feels too big or too difficult a task to undertake. Yet we know that an organisation's culture influences the whole experience of being at work, the leadership development and training, and what it means to work in a company that’s shaping it's long term performance.

Using a research and diagnostic approach, we work with you to identify the visible and known practices that shape your organisation's culture, such as your leadership, people, and communication. Our research methodology and reporting can also uncover the less visible, informal and unspoken ways that your employees experience your business culture.

Our approach helps you to set the direction for your new culture using a sophisticated communications approach, including corporate storytelling. Operational change also requires behavioural change, so we provide you with a range of tools to nudge how people work and experience culture, along with the expertise to help you select and train the cultural architects in your business who will be the leaders and role models for organisational culture.

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