Potential to Performance - how to bridge the gap

James Anderson's rise to elite performer | 23 April 2015

In our latest blog we discover the rise of James Anderson, England cricketer,and how he has translated his potential into sustained elite performance.

Lane4 partners with KPMG

25 March 2015

Lane4 forms a partnership KPMG to provide a strong new alternative for clients looking for talent management solutions. Both firms to come together to provide leadership development, assessment and coaching services to clients

Breakfast Event: Creating a resilient workforce to meet tomorrow's demands

02 June 2015

A resilient workforce is required as organisations face increased competition, change, complexity and squeezing margins. As a result of these challenges, around 85% of people experience medium to high pressure at work. The good news is that 49% of this pressure has a positive impact. However, 31% of the pressure we experience at work turns to stress and in turn increased absenteeism. (Lane4, 2011)