The importance of a shared goal: Lessons of collaboration from the world of climbing

Sacrificing personal gain for the success of the group | 04 March 2015

Amy Walters,Research and Product Development Consultant, discusses the key collaborationmessages that organisations can learn from the climbing world.

Lane4 and Argos win Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award

Awarded for the Team Transformers Programme | 27 November 2014

We are delighted to announce that Argos and ourselves have recently been awarded Silver in the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards in the category 'Best learning programme to support a change transformation business strategy'.

Creating the conditions for successful collaboration

10 March 2015

The pace of technological change, cross generational workforces and the need for innovation are all driving us to collaborate more effectively. It's no surprise therefore that most organisations recognise that collaboration is a critical success factor for 21st century business.