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We are not the first business to say that our people are our most valuable asset. But we believe the claim is 100% true. Lane4, in every sense, is a people business. Our greatest competitive stength and the value of the service we offer clients lies in the highly talented and diverse individuals who work here. Our people focused approach has been built into the very fabric of our identity. So much so that each silhouette you see in our communications is an actual employee.

Working closely with HR, L&D, Talent and other business leaders, the members of our team perfectly embody Lane4's beliefs and values. Warm and open, knowledgeable and enthusiastic, and always aspiring to achieve more.

A few of them have scaled the highest peaks in the sporting arena. Just as important, our collective track record is equally impressive at the most senior levels of business and in distinguished academic circles. (At the last count, we had roughly four times as many PhDs and Psychology degrees between us as Olympic medals.)

Visit Our Delivery Team and meet some of the people you could soon be working with.

Our internal communications and engagement consultancy, Comment8, launched in 2013. It has been developed based on our philosophy that, at its most effective, communication can shift thinking and create deep behaviour change within organisations.

Find out more about our Communications experts or visit www.comment8engage.com for more information.


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