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Our Programmes

Organisational Change

Whether you are going through a merger or acquisition, restructuring your organisation or implementing a culture change, we work with you to identify what business success would be and then develop a solution that is tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Key detail

Lane4 partner with you across a number of key areas to make your change programme a success:

  • Consulting expertise: we use the organisational context to develop your change strategy
  • Communication and engagement: we help you build a plan so employees care about the change
  • Change readiness questionnaires: these determine whether leaders are ready to lead change and indicate any gaps in their skill set
  • Personal development: we help your people prepare to deliver the change
  • 1-to-1and group sessions: We train members of the leadership team to help them understand their own personal transitions and learn how to lead change effectively
  • Regular pulse surveys: these determine the level of understanding, care and capability the workforce has with regards to the suggested change



Our approach addresses multiple groups across the organisation. We can help you with a specific group or with your entire organisation, depending on the scale and scope of the change.

- Communication Skills
- How to manage people through transition
- Creating trust within teams
- Developing organisational resilience

Managers and Change Agents:
- Coaching others through the change
- How to communicate leadership messages in their own way
- Developing personal resilience
- Decision making

Wider Organisation:
- Developing organisational resilience
- Understanding their motivation to change
- Personal transition


Our approach to organisational and management change
  • Lane4 works with you and your leaders to design bespoke programmes based on your specific organisational objectives.
  • We run message development sessions to translate stakeholder messages for employees that drive understanding and engagement.
  • We enable you to develop internal communications campaigns that promote engagement through a variety of methods including events, videos and communication toolkits.


Why choose Lane4?

1. We have a comprehensive package and approach to change.

2. A communications process is implemented that allows for employee feedback, making conversations two-way.

3. To ensure the change is consistent, your business priorities are reviewed along with any cultural sensitivities, determining whether they are aligned with the initiative.

4. Our approach is based on rigorous research; we have several published whitepapers on the subject, as well a change framework that underpins the consultation process.

5. We understand that change isn’t a linear process and that there are greater organisational dynamics at play. Informal relationships that operate in an organisation are as important as the change process itself.