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One of the hardest things for HR departments to do is to determine where their people issues are and what areas they can focus on in order to improve organisational performance. If you’re not assessing and reviewing this then how is it possible to know the best interventions to introduce?

Our Lane4 team

Lane4's team of specialist research psychologists use their knowledge of organisational behaviour to design and deliver impactful research services, providing you with the evidence you need to make the best decisions for enhancing organisational performance and getting the best ROI.

Our research team design bespoke, pragmatic, and targeted research projects to answer your challenging people questions. 

Things we can do to help includes providing academic and industry research reviews, creating bespoke questionnaires and carrying out focus groups or interviews to address your specific needs. 

Common client challenges that we address include:
  • Collaboration - How much are we currently collaborating across our organisation, and how can we create more effective collaboration?
  • Organisational Culture -What is the culture really like here, what types of behaviours is it promoting and how might we evolve it to encourage different behaviours?  How different is the culture in the two parts of our organisation that are about to merge? What do we need to do about this?
  • Decision-making - How can we improve decision-making within our top team, and across the business? What hidden biases might be making our decisions less effective, and what can we do to address this?

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A skills academy that creates sustainable behavioural shift - Learn4 Skills Academy

As the business landscape continues to change, the skills required to succeed shift with it. Organisations are therefore faced with the daunting challenge of ensuring that their employees are able to navigate both today and tomorrow's business challenges. An understanding and application of lessons from the science of adult learning can help to construct a Skills Academy that accelerates learning, fosters sustainable behaviour change and enhances business performance.


Read this article, and you will:

  • Understand what L&D can learn from the science of adult learning
  • Discover the unique challenges posed by adult learning
  • Become aware of the evidence-based strategies that can facilitate learning and development before, during, and after a Skills Academy course

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85% of organisations report line managers and supervisors lack the skills they needed to succeed.


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