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We offer a full range of outsourced learning solutions which will transform your business performance, from programme design to scheduling, evaluation, employee communication and reporting. Whether you have an existing academy which you are seeking to improve, or you are investigating how you might introduce an academy, Lane4 can help.

From our research into leadership transitions, we know that leaders need to change the way they operate each time they transition to a new role. Yet many struggle; around 85% of organisations reported that line managers and supervisors lacked the skills they needed to succeed. As leaders progress to new levels of leadership, they need to develop new capabilities and adopt new behaviours, while moderating some familiar habits that are no longer valued in the role. 

Coupled with employees’ expectations of flexibility over career path and development, as well as when and how they work, organisations are wrestling with the challenge of developing and maintaining a workforce that has the skills to meet a rapidly changing environment.


We can tailor our academy according to the strategic needs of your business and the individual needs of your learners. We understand how to work with you to create the learning pathways which will help you to meet your strategic goals, and then design a curriculum which will deliver against these. Our range of off the shelf and bespoke learning programmes are delivered across all levels of the organisation by our experienced facilitation team.

Our established framework of courses enables us to work with you in defining, designing and implementing their L&D investments in a way that maximises value for the business. Lane4 put the delegate at the heart of the learning experience and can tailor a blended learning journey which will reflect the needs of your learning population. Our expert facilitation team truly understand how to work with individuals to create performance shift.

Scheduling learning to make the most efficient use of resources takes experience. We can work with you to find the most efficient ways to schedule, manage and administer learning, reducing your L&D costs and simplifying back office processes by reducing invoice volumes.


Learn4 Curriculum

Achieving through others:

  • Operating with integrity
  • Planning & time management
  • Motivating others
  • Delivering results
  • Coaching skills
  • Delegation
  • Agile performance managemanet
  • Creating high performing teams
  • Working in remote teams
  • Creating performance development plans


Building networks:

  • Collaboration
  • Leading matrixed teams
  • Leadership communication
  • Building coalitions
  • Relationship management
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Presentation skills
  • Writing for your reader


Influencing without authority:

  • Decision making
  • Risk management
  • Facilitating others
  • Negotiating
  • Authentic leadership
  • Communicating with influence
  • Storytelling


Seeing the bigger picture:

  • Commercial acument
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Change
  • Customer focus
  • Business planning
  • Financial awareness
  • Creating a business case
  • Negotiating commercial contracts


Developing yourself:

  • Creating my personal brand
  • Developing resilience
  • Developing learning agility
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Managing personal transitions
  • Health & well-being
Learn4 Components


Learn4 includes a complete range of components that you may want to integrate into your Academy.

We can work with you to help you identify your needs and tailor a service which meets your strategic goals. The eight elements of our service are listed below:


  1. Curriculum consultancy -  we work with you to understand your future skills requirements and develop a curriculum which will develop these and take learners on a structured and integrated learning journey.
  2. Content consultancy -  Although we have content which can be taken off the shelf , we can work with your internal customers and subject matter experts to integrate your context into the content design.
  3. Course delivery - with a global network of vendors and associates, we work to source the subject matter expert for the course ensuring the facilitator can fit into your culture and expectations
  4. Train the trainer - we have helped many organisations to scale delivery of existing programmes by increasing the pool of certified facilitators through developing train the trainer accreditation
  5. Blended Learning -We integrate blended learning into our learning journeys to support performance shift. We can provide e-learning modules and video content, both off the shelf and tailored to your needs, digital tool kits, and apps that allow delegates to undertake learning on the move. Working with our alliance partners we can consult with you on your Learning Management System needs and integration.
  6. Administration and logistics services - Learner support is an important area to get right and ensure that your Managed learning Service delights your learners. Working with our alliance partners we can consult with you on the best solution to manage your learning population and the level of service that you want to provide. We can also support you with course logistics including scheduling, room booking, materials, catering, monitor and track enrolments, reporting, evaluation and attendance data
  7. Vendor management and coordination - this can vary in degree from scheduling dates with the vendors to contracting directly with each vendor including pricing negotiation, providing and summarising all course evaluations, responsibility for quality of delivery and content and implementing quality improvement where needed
  8. Communications – We know that engaging people with Managed Learning is critical to take up and motivation, so we can help with the marketing and promotion of upcoming training including targeted marketing to individuals requesting and/or requiring specific training, joining instructions and pre-work communication
Why choose Lane4

We put the delegate at the heart of all our Skills Courses – ensuring that they have both an effective and impactful learning experience. The format of all workshops is fast paced, energetic, dynamic and task orientated. 

The workshops are built around immersive and experiential learning such as live case studies (actors/role plays), toolkits, videos, computer simulations and practical tools to ensure knowledge retention and quicker application back into the workplace.

We provide delegates with practical tools and strategies that can be implemented immediately, with behaviour change maintained over the longer-term.

The modular nature of the courses means they can stand alone or be combined as part of a development programme specific to each individual’s professional development.

The programme has been recognised in 2 leading industry awards.  2014, Lane4 were awarded CIPD HR Supplier of the Year specifically for this work and 2015 Bronze Brandon Hall HR Excellence Award in the ‘Best Results of a Learning Programme’ category.