Development Centres

Development Centres can play a crucial role in helping to nurture talent within the organisation. Similar to an Olympian’s training camp, a Development Centre provides an intensive, individually focused experience to practise and truly understand strengths and development areas.

For the people taking part, Development Centres provide a highly valuable experience, in a challenging, supportive environment that allows them to take responsibility for their development.

For the organisation, there’s a chance to gain invaluable insight into the gaps in talent development that exist within different sections of the organisation.

Usually running over two days, a Lane4 Development Centre delivers an intense experience that normally includes:

  • At least 5 hours’ coaching - helping participants make sense of their experience and translate this into development plans
  • Direct feedback and deliberate practice of relevant skills/behaviours
  • Real life scenario based exercises tailored to your organisation/role
  • Diagnostic tools including 360 degree feedback and personality questionnaires
  • Peer sharing and learning
  • Personal Development Planning workshop