Developing High Performing Teams

High performing teams deliver better communication, decision-making, creativity and flexibility than individuals working in specific roles. Organisations with high performing teams have increased productivity, product quality, customer satisfaction and employee retention. Yet truly high performing teams are rare and organisations still tend to focus on individual performance, measurement and development rather than on effective interactions and collaborations between individuals.

At Lane4, we provide tailored solutions to suit your organisation's and executive team's needs and objectives. Based on our High Performing Teams model, they are designed to build relationships and trust, develop common vision and values, engage people and increase collaboration throughout your organisation and to enhance role clarity.

Our High Performing Teams model benefits teams who:
  • Need to improve communication skills
  • Want to step up to the next level of performance
  • Are under-achieving in relation to their potential
  • Experience obstacles to sustainable high performance
  • Are newly formed and want to establish ways of working that will lead to high performance
  • Have a new leader or a leader in need of additional support

Our High Performing Teams diagnostic is the beginning of the process. From that point, we can tailor a solution to your needs, whether those are discussing the results and possible future plans with one of our consultants, or working with Lane4 to build a more intensive program  focused on specific areas for your teams and leaders and taking into account your organisational culture and industry. Follow-up options include workshops, coaching sessions (both team and individual), online learning modules, logs and toolkits. 

To maximise the results from the team diagnostic, we advise a full team development programme. Typically, this includes the following components:

A discovery day to identify the objectives of the senior leadership team

A 2-day HPT and goal-setting workshop for the senior team

A goal-setting review day, incorporating 1:1 coaching for team members

A team day for management teams to build team charters and apply Lane4's HPT framework

A coaching and team facilitation day split between the senior team and the management teams

A 2-day review and planning session