Developing Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience helps leaders to thrive under pressure, bounce back stronger following adversity and maintain high levels of performance over sustained periods of time. 

While many people and leaders look to minimise stress levels, we acknowledge that pressure is an inevitable and valuable part of high performance. Our Personal Resilience Programme aims to enhance participants' understanding of how to turn pressure into a positive to enhance performance and bounce back stronger from adversity.

We apply evidence-based approaches from performance psychology to provide leaders with practical and personalised success strategies, in addition to developing the performance mindset and resilient character to ensure that personal resilience is maintained over the longer term.

Through personalised needs analysis, elite performer stories and a range of proven techniques, our programmes inspire long term change that improves performance, as well as increasing well-being.

We work with business leaders to design tailored solutions based on their specific organisational or personal needs and objectives.

Our resilience programmes cover 2 broad areas:

1. Resilient Leadership:

  • Learn how to coach others to be resilient
  • Build strong working relations
  • Prioritise effectively
  • Communicate a strong vision and clarity or purpose
  • Drive the change you want to see

2. Personal Resilience:

  • Seek and embrace new challenges
  • Learn how to focus on what matters most
  • Innovate in times of adversity
  • Capitalise on set-backs to build upward momentum