Our Delivery Style

While we’re proud of our academic rigour, our approach is firmly based in the real world. Lane4 programmes focus on issues that are current and relevant to your organisation.

Inspiring people to achieve peak performance nearly always requires a change in their mindset, and we’re not afraid to raise thought-provoking questions or topics they might prefer not to think about.

Putting the learner first

People’s needs and expectations around learning have changed. At Lane4, our approach puts the learner’s needs first, combining communications expertise with our unmatched understanding of performance psychology and behavioural change.

The print and audiovisual materials we use clearly reflect this, serving as a powerful and effective complement to face-to-face interventions. Whatever the project, we aim to facilitate learning and deliver content in the most engaging and practical way possible, which may include:

  • Workshops and events
  • Experiential activities (e.g. Wheelchair Basketball)
  • One to one coaching
  • Action learning groups
  • Psychometric reports and surveys
  • Printed toolkits and manager guides
  • Online learning modules using videos and webcasts
  • Social media platforms
  • Posters and desk-drops

In short, we’ll collaborate with you to create the right blend of learning and engagement activities, enabling your people and your organisation to achieve your desired objectives.