Our Typical Audience

At Lane4, we help organisations develop and deliver performance improvement programmes that address their specific needs and objectives. To that end, our specialist teams are expert at working with clients at many different levels within the client’s organisational structure.

Depending on the project, our client audience groups may be any of the following:

  • Executive teams / Board level leaders
  • Senior leadership teams
  • Middle managers
  • HR/L&D leaders and teams
  • Leaders of organisational change programmes
  • Employee engagement leaders and teams
  • Sponsorship leaders and teams
  • Customer-facing / front line staff – e.g. retail workers and call centre executives

Naturally, we tailor our approach to the audience we’re working with; but the common thread is a coaching mindset, facilitating conversations that address the key issues within the organisation. And we're not afraid to challenge the way people think or act, if it's holding them back from achieving excellence.