Talent Management and Assessment

Talent Management and Assessment

People, potential, performance

In terms of gaining competitive advantage, developing organisational capability is essential. We have a rigorous approach to identifying and developing talent. Working with clients, we help them to identify, nurture and retain the best people, making the most of their potential, and implement an effective talent recruitment strategy.

Applying our understanding of the psychology of human performance, we can help you to design your talent management strategy. We audit your current methodology and work with you to define and implement an approach to people development and leadership talent that is aligned to your business strategy.

We help you understand the factors which define talent within your organisation. We have a range of validated HR diagnostics tools, such as 360° feedback, psychometrics and assessment centres, which can be used separately or in combination to provide a comprehensive overview of the talent in your organisation.

At Lane4, we're here to help ensure you get it right, drawing on our extensive experience in occupational psychology and our understanding of human performance to develop every aspect of talent assessment, development and management.

Working with you in any or all of the following areas, we’ll turn potential into performance, across your organisation:

A note on why ability isn’t enough

Of course, some people have greater natural ability than others. But research and experience increasingly show that two other factors, personal resilience and a learning mindset, are equally crucial when assessing and managing talent.

People with high potential will show all three, though perhaps not in equal measures at the outset. As experts in talent development, we address and understand each area to determine whether an individual is ready for the next step on their career ladder and what support they need to get there.