Nestlé - 'Lead2Win'

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Nestlé – ‘Lead2Win’


With tough trading conditions calling for great leadership and the war for talent becoming more challenging, Nestlé embarked on a culture shift programme to strengthen its own leadership capabilities and embed the Nestlé Leadership Framework.

Working in partnership, and after extensive discovery work, we developed the Lead2Win programme which became a key part of Nestlé’s business strategy and had the following objectives: 

  • Deliver clear business results
  • Enable leaders to bring the Nestlé UK (NUK) vision to life
  • Create collaboration across functions and divisions
  • Clearly identify what it means to be a NUK leader and increase leadership accountability
  • Create positivity and a sense of belief across the organisation
  • Create leaders who are mentally tough and can manage and lead through change
  • Develop a coaching culture 


The Lead2Win programme took 18 months to graduate from. It was structured around four key modules which each ran as a two day workshop. Between each workshop, participants got together in small facilitated support groups (Action Learning Groups) to make sense of what they were learning and share experiences of how they were applying this back into the workplace. This, along with the use of 360 degree feedback to measure delegates’ leadership behaviours twice during the programme, helped to embed the behaviour change.


Lead2Win has achieved impressive results. By 2011 more than 1,500 NUK leaders had completed the programme. In the four years since it was launched, Nestlé UK exceeded its organic growth, profit and cash control targets substantially and has become one of the strongest performing and most consistent Nestlé businesses in the world. There has been a significant improvement in leadership capability as measured by 360 degree feedback which has led to a culture shift across Nestlé (75.5% of respondents said that leadership capability has increased) and turnover across the programme population reduced. 


"We wanted to develop our leaders and equip them with the skills to lead in a tough and challenging market. Through our partnership with Lane4, Lead2Win has helped us to do this and improve performance by bringing Nestlé’s vision to life."
Stephen Battalia, Former HR Director, Nestlé UK