A Leading Toy Manufacturer – Supporting Future Leaders’ Development

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A Leading Toy Manufacturer – Supporting Future Leaders’ Development


This leading toy manufacturer had a clear view of who their future senior leaders were and wanted to support them in their personal development so they could make it to the next level within the organisation.

They approached Lane4 to explore the options for a tailored development intervention that would not only leave leaders with an increased understanding of their strengths and development areas, but also with the ownership and motivation to put the resulting personalised plans into action. 


We worked in close partnership with the senior leaders to build an in-depth understanding of the culture and employee roles. This insight into the specific leadership competencies required, as well as the context in which they would have to perform, fed into the design of a bespoke Development Centre. 

Participants attended an engaging two day Centre which was challenging and supportive. As well as bespoke exercises highlighting leadership competencies, the Centre included reflective learning, one to one coaching and psychometrics to enrich the development experience. Participants were able to practice behaviours in a safe environment and receive continual, clear and specific feedback from their own experienced Lane4 business coach. At the end of the two days, participants created a personalised development plan using our goal setting techniques, ensuring the transfer of learning back into the workplace. 


The Development Centre had a powerful impact on the participants. Feedback identified that they had a clearer understanding of their development needs, clear meaningful goals (5 out of 5 score) and gained huge benefit through practicing and reflecting on their performance and receiving feedback. Participants left with increased self-awareness and motivation to implement their development plans, drive their own performance and become ready to take the next step in their career. 

The organisation received a report on the strengths and development themes of the group helping to inform future development streams and understand potential talent gaps within this population.


“An invaluable experience that gave me clear insight into where I should focus my development."

“Immediate feedback and one to one coaching was very strong and very impactful. Today I feel I have something that is personal to me."