The Power of 4

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Raising your game, with the Power of 4

Let's look more closely at what sets Lane4 apart from the many other organisations out there offering to help your business achieve higher standards of performance. In broad terms, we believe our competitive advantage is built on 4 key pillars

One: A Passion for High Performance

As an organisation with a winning mindset, business performance goals form a key part of our programme discovery with our clients. We know what it takes for sports people to succeed and have developed a wide range of unique tools and techniques.These frameworks unlock peak performance in organisations which are based on developing a learning mindset, skill development and resilience.

Two: A Rigorous Approach

You can be confident that we have access to rigorously researched thought on leadership which can help you stay one step ahead. We have wide-ranging expertise in occupational and performance psychology, and our dedicated research team is constantly working to reflect latest thinking and deepen our insight. We collaborate with respected academic partners, such as Loughborough University and Henley Business School.

Three: A Focus on Delegate Experience

Our programmes create shifts in organisational performance by focusing on the delegate experience, engaging delegates through a range of methodologies, learning channels and techniques. We're in the business of helping people achieve their personal best. To do this, our expert facilitators create a supportive coaching environment, encouraging quality conversations about the real issues that affect your business. We're not afraid to challenge the way people think or act, if it's holding them back from achieving excellence. 

Four: Transformational Impact

Working with us will result in measurable and sustainable improvements in your organisation's performance. Our approach and methods engage people in a way that shifts their mind-set, and increases levels of engagement. We work with every client to agree business priorities as well as measure the effectiveness to demonstrate sustained change.