Global team

Discover the people who make it happen. With over 25 years experience, our teams are dedicated to finding you the right solution.

Delivery team

Whether in the room or virtually, our team of world class facilitators are passionate about creating a transformational experience for your people and your organisation.

Client services team

Our client teams care deeply about the clients they work with. By developing a thorough understanding of your context and objectives, they ensure your programme is delivered to the highest quality while continuously making sure it’s having the right impact.

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Digital team

Our digital team are experts in learning design. They are dedicated to creating truly immersive digital and blended experiences which engage your learners and shift performance.

Solution design team

Our solution design team create and innovate Lane4’s products and solutions. They use the latest thinking from performance psychology to create learning experiences for your people that deliver impact.

Operations team

Our operations team act as the main point of contact for key stakeholders. They plan, organise, administer and quality assure all projects, ensuring a seamless client experience.

Finance team

Taking a collaborative approach, our finance team works with our customers, suppliers, delivery team and Lane4 colleagues to ensure accuracy and timeliness on all financial matters.

Resourcing team

Working with our global network of consultants, our resourcing team expertly build the perfect team for your programme wherever you are in the world.

Research team

Our research team helps you stay evidence-based and innovative. Using robust methods, they regularly produce thought leadership with actionable advice which is integrated into our programmes.

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We provide a world class service on a global scale. If you need to deliver a consistent experience for learners around the world, we can make it happen.



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