IMI plc - global leadership development programme supports 5-year business strategy

IMI is a global company offering solutions to the world’s most demanding engineering challenges. It helps some of the biggest industrial companies operate safely, cleanly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Employing c. 11,000 people, IMI works in over 50 countries worldwide.

In the last two years there has been a huge growth in revenues, margins and earnings per share at IMI. This programme has really helped us deliver this growth.

Dan Shook, Finance Director at IMI

The Challenge

In 2014, IMI launched an ambitious five-year growth strategy. In order to meet operational performance goals, they recognised that a step-change would be needed in the management community. An efficient way to cascade IMI’s vision, values and strategy throughout the company was also needed.

“The trigger to launching Being a GREAT IMI Manager was the five-year strategy. The executive wanted to embed our core values throughout the organisation and the best way to do that was to work with our employees on the coal face.” Dan Shook, Finance Director, IMI

The aim was to create a management programme to support the growth plan, aid succession planning and  develop a pipeline of internal talent, with the skills and mindset to ensure business success. Through the programme, managers would be inspired to share best practice and collaborate across the business.

Specific elements of the programme would replicate day-to-day problems which managers would face and share strategies for delegates to improve their finance skills and knowledge of “Lean” benchmarking; both are fundamental to IMI’s future success.

The programme needed to be rolled out on a large-scale in 11 countries including China, Germany, US, Singapore and Mexico and the content needed to be delivered consistently across all territories.

IMI needed a programme to achieve the following objectives:

  • Apply IMI’s core processes to be a highly effective manager
  • Use IMI tools to drive productivity for growth
  • Build high performing teams and manage performance
  • Develop decision making, accountability and communication skills
  • Apply good financial management

The Solution

  • Strong partnership between Lane4 and IMI is at the heart of the programme:

    IMI and Lane4 worked in close collaboration, mixing internal and external expertise to create an inspirational and impactful programme.

    Together they created a bespoke management development programme, delivered by a combination of face-to-face and online learning, in territory, across divisions and in local language where possible for newly appointed and existing managers.

  • The Being a GREAT IMI Manager programme

    Launched in 2015 and still on-going, it’s a bespoke 2.5 day programme which provides managers with practical, interactive and immediately usable skills and tools to enhance performance.

    “The programme was designed to be proactive, participative, in-country, in-language; that’s the thing that really makes a difference.” Sue Hall, Head of Capability Development, IMI

    Delegates learn about the company’s vision and strategy directly from the CEO or board member. Interactive and challenging sessions are delivered on all the key topics.

    Real-life examples are used to make the programme relevant. Sessions are delivered in either English, German, Mandarin, Italian, Polish and Czech.

    The programme enabled networking opportunities to encourage cross-divisional collaboration as well as the chance to hear from senior managers about their career journey.

    “The programme was absolutely critical for my success at IMI. It was an amazing way to get up to speed, learn and grow connections across the divisions which I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make otherwise.” Sam Henderson, VP of Human Resources, IMI Precision Americas

Key Benefits of the Programme

The programme has been popular with 90% of delegates stating that they would recommend the programme to colleagues. So far, 1013 managers have graduated, attending one of 42 programmes in 9 different countries, including India, Czech Republic and Poland. Every aspect of the programme is translated/subtitled, creating a management community who think globally, and who have a shared understanding of the company’s vision and a consistent approach to management.

The programme has achieved outstanding results for all the objectives:

  • Apply IMI’s core processes to be a highly effective manager: 95%of delegates said that the programme helped them understand what a great manager in IMI looks like. 90%of delegates said that it helped them manage performance, coach and provide better feedback to their team and senior leaders.
  • Use IMI tools to drive productivity for growth: 92% of delegates said that the programme has improved their knowledge of applying “Lean” principles across the business. “Lean” scores increased from 48% in 2014 to 75% in 2018 – the programme contributed to this improvement. IMI also recently announced that 9% of its sites reached world class status of (85%) in “Lean”.
  • Build high performing teams and manage performance: 89% of managers said that the programme had given them the skills to develop high performing teams.
  • Develop decision-making, accountability and communication skills: 92% of delegates thought that the programme had improved their ability to influence and inform through powerful communication.
  • Apply good financial management: 83% of delegates said that it had improved their knowledge of applying IMI’s financial processes.

What’s next?

The team at Lane4 and IMI are always innovating to keep the programme fresh – new for 2019 are post-programme activities focused on mentoring, coaching and new content to align to IMI’s next phase of growth.

  • 95% of delegates said that the programme helped them understand what a great manager in IMI looks like.
  • 90% said that it helped them manage performance, coach and provide better feedback to their team and senior leaders.

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