Common Issues

Attracting, identifying and retaining key talent

We work with key stakeholders and HR teams to attract the talented individuals needed today, who will serve the organisation's needs tomorrow, in a way that's rewarding for them and their organisation.

Why is it important to address this issue?

The ground has shifted in talent management over recent years. Faced with the reality of fewer upward promotions, limited pay rises and restricted bonuses, many organisations feel as if they are fighting a war with no ammunition.

A gap has developed between the desires and expectations of today’s talent and what many employers currently offer. New approaches are needed if we are to stop these cracks from becoming chasms. Organisations need to establish what work really means for their talented individuals and those they wish to attract.

Whilst money is important, research suggests that it is meaningful and challenging work which really drives performance. In order to compete in the competitive search for the best and brightest people, organisations need to identify new ways of rewarding and motivating those individuals who will lead them to future success.

What problems do we help to solve?

  • "We require support identifying and developing our future leaders"

  • "We need to identify the key behaviours that drive high performance in our organisation"

  • "Managers in our organisation are unwilling to invest in their talent"

  • "We need to develop a talent strategy that works"

  • "Our talent retention strategies aren't working"

  • "We need to create a brand that attracts the best talent"

  • "How do we recruit the most suitable candidates for our organisation?"