Common Issues

Improving employee engagement

We work with organisations to unlock their people’s potential, create meaningful work and shape development opportunities, thereby enhancing employee engagement and organisational performance.

Why is it important to address this issue?

HR professionals are claiming that their highest priorities over the coming years are employee engagement and retention. Their concerns are grounded in statistics which suggest that only about a third of people feeling actively engaged at work. What’s more, as millennials are forming a greater proportion of the workplace, turnover is rising. 66% of millennials say that they expect to leave their current employers by 2020.

Coping with these shifts in the workforce has required new crafting of company culture, the purpose and meaning of work, social responsibility and open communication. Learning and development opportunities are expected or engagement scores plummet and employees leave.

It is essential that organisations learn to balance the requirements of both their business strategy and their people, or performance will decline and people will leave.

What problems do we help to solve?

  • “Loyalty is too low, attrition is too high and it’s unsustainable”

  • “How do we retain our key talent?”

  • “Our learning and development programme isn’t working”

  • “Teams are not meeting their targets”

  • “Many of our employees are reporting that they are unhappy at work”

  • “Employees don’t know our core values”

  • “Our people are complaining about a lack of opportunity to develop”