Lane4 CSR

Trans4ming people’s lives in our wider community

We take our wider responsibilities very seriously and have a dedicated ‘Trans4m’ committee within Lane4 who drive our corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability agenda.

Lane4’s vision is ‘to make a difference to organisational performance and peoples’ working lives’. Our CSR and sustainability agenda is closely linked to this, with the goal of changing peoples’ lives, unlocking their potential and helping them to transform themselves.

This is not about sporadic charitable initiatives (although many of our people do support charities outside of work, or undertake fundraising activities which we support), nor is it a ‘tick box’ exercise.

We aim to create environments of sustainability, both outside and inside our organisation. At the heart is people giving their time to work with others – whether that’s 1:1 or in larger group environments. Every Lane4 employee gets two full days a year to be a ‘trans4mer’ in our wider community. And back in the office we promote recycling, aiming to work with suppliers that offer sustainably sourced products. We also encourage the use of sustainable modes of travel through our popular ‘ride to work’ scheme.

Delete Blood Cancer Relationship

In 2014, one of Lane4's close friends and former client Robert Ireland was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer known as Lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells. The only way to treat this particular disease is via a bone marrow transplant. His daughters set up a campaign called 'Give our dad a bone' to raise awareness of the disease and encourage people to register with Delete Blood Cancer as donors. 

When Lane4 heard of this news we rallied around and helped the family by getting our employees to register as donors and participated in focus groups on how to improve donor registration. 

Unfortunately, in September 2015 Robert Ireland passed away having being unable to find an appropriate donor.

Lane4's involvement with Delete Blood Cancer is still ongoing and in 2016 22 members of our team took part in the Blenheim Triathlon (an event Robert himself had competed in) to raise money and awareness for Delete Blood Cancer.

Austin Swain, Director at Lane4 explained our involvement in the event:

“We were really excited to turnout in force at the Blenheim Triathlon. 22 Lane4 employees competed,either as individuals or in one of the four teams we entered in the relay event. It was great that we had the full gamut of triathlon experience represented, from seasoned Iron men to complete newbies!

The reason we mobilised in such a way is to honour the memory of Robert Ireland and to support the Ireland family in the fantastic contribution they make to DKMS. Robert was a much admired friend of Lane4 and his love of triathlon and, this event in particular, has been a guiding force in bringing so many of us together in this way."


You can find out more about the work Delete Blood Cancer do by visiting their website:

Behind Every Kick Relationship

The Union Development Football project, ‘Behind Every Kick’, combines playing competitive football with a creative and exciting off-the-pitch syllabus that offers life skills and personal development training to its players.

Since 2016 Lane4 have been contributing towards the project, giving us the opportunity to help develop young people in local communities.

The project offers the opportunity for players to work with carefully matched mentors, who will support and guide individuals to identify personal development opportunities and ways of positively contributing towards their communities.

Whilst currently in the pilot stage, the project intends to roll out nationwide, with teams specifically for girls and those with physical and learning disabilities. The project will predominately have presence within inner city areas, and aspires to target young people who are lacking in opportunities for supportive and positive personal development.

Lane4’s specific involvement with ‘Behind Every Kick’ focuses on personal development training. Our programme aspires to enable young people to reach their potential and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

As part of the project, we are delighted to be working in partnership with Union Development, Volunteering Matters, Sporting Hackney Football Club and DPP Agency – all of whom have been instrumental in ensuring that we are able to have a positive impact on the confidence and aspirations of every player on the programme.


 You can find out more about Behind Every Kick by visiting their website: