Lane4 digital learning

Virtual learning that drives behavioural change

Our digital offering keeps your people connected and aware, allowing them to implement behaviour change whenever, wherever. We have a range of digital delivery options to meet your needs in a virtual environment.

Virtual Workshops

Virtual Workshops

A virtual workshop is a digitalised face-to-face workshop which retains all the interactivity of our typical workshops. Activities are conducted virtually and participation is encouraged at various points to give learners as much practical experience as possible.

Virtual workshops are a versatile part of a learning journey, and have the potential to make learning manageable. A mix of activities and a combination of facilitators ensures maximal engagement.

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Company-wide events and conferences

Live Streaming

Our live streaming platforms mean events can be attended virtually whatever the constraints. Employees can dial in, listen, learn and ask questions as if they were in the room. They can be used instead of large launch style events.

In the case of office closures due to concerns over the Coronavirus, your organisation will be able to continue to deliver company-wide events to ensure continued learning and development.



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Lane4 Learning


Our bespoke eLearning offering is one of the most effective ways of building knowledge on-demand. We have in-house expertise in designing and building quality eLearning or online activities. 

On-demand access means reduced costs for buyers, and makes our modules scalable across your organisation. Content is personalised through feedback-driven navigation and scenarios, which leads to high engagement and productivity. 

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Digital Tools

Lane4's digital tools are completely self-directed and individuals learn at their own pace. All hosted online, they can be used by anyone at any time on any device.



Based on our deep understanding of human performance, we know that people need adaptability and capability to perform at their best. Providing learners with insight into their levels of adaptability and capability allows them to pinpoint their individual learning needs, resulting in the most efficient use of their time.



Accelerate team performance across your organisation: A digital tool built for the modern team. Team4 includes a personalised team report that highlights strengths and development needs; along with a toolbox of bite-sized content and exercises to run with a team.



Helps you focus on getting the balance right. Balance4 is built to understand and improve resilience and wellbeing throughout an organisation. 


Leading Performance Simulation 

A simulation to drive a performance culture through your organisation from your senior leaders. This simulation provides the opportunity to experiment, take risks and learn in a safe environment. Working with simulations also creates time for shared and social learning.

As your people make decisions, they are provided with immediate feedback on their effectiveness. Our selection of simulations can be off-the-shelf, or bespoke to the needs of your organisation. 

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Digital Coach

Automated coaching

Our automated coaching offering uses text messages and other messaging platforms (Facebook messenger, WeChat, Telegram etc.) to facilitate sustained learning.

Our engagement tool embeds learning and provides relevant content at moments that matter through ongoing dialogue. Advice can be personalised to each group to ensure content is fresh, smart and up to date. 

Virtual coaching

Our virtual coaching options mean that your people can benefit from our world-class coaching sessions from any location.  

Be it identifying strengths and weaknesses or uncovering motivation to excel, coaching provides the perfect opportunity for you to show your people you truly care about their development.


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Digital Learning Locker


We have high-quality video content covering both overviews of our key topics, and psychological concepts which are central to our frameworks. 

By using story-telling, our consultants turn complex neuroscience into engaging, digestible content for your employees to learn from. 


We offer audio-based exploration of key topics, hosted by two consultants who discuss the "How" of key concepts. 

Short, authentic clips help get our listeners curious about the topics relevant to your programme, whilst the clarity of the messaging ensures ongoing engagement.


Our recorded, on-demand webinars cover the core concepts or frameworks underlying some key skills and behaviours presented by an expert using visual aids. 

A conversational tone is used to explore key concepts, aiming to make learning feel manageable and interesting. 

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Ready to go digital?

If you’d like to run a digital programme or fully virtual learning days, please let us know and we’ll make a date with one of our Lane4 consultants to talk more.