Inclusion and Diversity at Lane4

Unique, Fearless, Valued

Our Lane4 I&D Manifesto

Our I&D Manifesto is a set of seven principles, created collaboratively by people at Lane4, in line with our company values. It is a rallying call to everyone at Lane4 to advance inclusion and diversity in our workplace. It is also recognition that creating a dynamic, inclusive and diverse workplace where we feel fearless, valued, and excited about being at Lane4 is crucial for helping people to reach their full potential.

1. Everyone is valued

We value everyone’s individual uniqueness. We are curious and appreciative about each other and our backgrounds.

2. Biases are confronted

We are conscious of the assumptions and biases that are a natural part of human interaction.

3. Everyone is individual

We know and feel we can talk about our identity because everyone is accepted.

4. Feedback is encouraged

We have the courage to give and receive feedback, collectively contributing to an environment where we feel able to freely share what we think.

5. We speak out

We can be fearless in drawing attention to something we’ve seen or heard that has caused discomfort. For example, saying ‘ouch’ or ‘what do you mean by that?’

6. Reflection is valued

If attention is drawn to something we’ve done or said that has caused discomfort, we are open enough to reflect on the reaction and try to understand someone else’s perspective.

7. We have role models

We see leaders in our community role modelling behaviours to advance inclusion and diversity.