Are you Ready for Coaching?



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Are you ready for coaching? considers:

• What needs to be in place for business coaching to be impactful on leadership development.
• What the objectives are, which career coaching is trying to meet.
• Who is ready to be coached and to be a coach.


Business coaching has become one of the foremost interventions for organisational, team and leadership development. At best, the multiple functions of coaching can fundamentally enhance and stimulate accelerated performance, creating a whole gamete of related positive, impacts including improving employee engagement amongst other outcomes.

But, organisations need to consider if business coaching is always the right answer, if it should be used in isolation and whether their people are ready to become coaches or be coached.


In this coaching article you will learn about:

• Considerations for organisations before deciding on a development programme.
• Real life examples of organisations that changed their approach from executive coaching.
• When and how business coaching can be used alongside other development programmes.

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