Changing our Perspective on Talent



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The current article on talent looks to answer the following questions:

• Are organisations’ talent management practices really getting the best out of their people?
• How should you define potential and measure leadership talent?
• Should talent management services move away from a 9-box-talent-grid?

Leadership transitions are about helping employees to embrace the opportunities available to them, so they can make a bigger impact on your organisation in the future. Making the most of leadership transitions requires us to have a clear focus on talent.

Many organisations use the ubiquitous 9-box grid as the cornerstone of the talent management process. However, research now suggests that it’s time to rethink how applicable the 9-box grid is, in helping us to manage our talent most effectively. This article discusses the changes which may be necessary for your talent management strategy to develop.


In Changing our Perspective on Talent you will discover:

• Why the current approach to defining potential could be re-considered.
• An alternative approach to the 9-box-talent-grid.
• How a new approach and talent strategy could accelerate talent development.

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