Data Driven Communication



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This article on Data Driven Communication includes:

• Research-based recommendations for measuring leadership communication.
• An introduction to the two main ways in which leadership communication skills can be measured.
• Take home messages to maximise the effectiveness of data-driven measurement of communication.


Great leaders first and foremost need to be outstanding communicators. But without measurement, how effective can we really expect their leadership communication to be?

Previous Lane4 articles have outlined the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of great leadership communication. However, while expertise has accumulated around how to craft effective internal communications strategy, surprisingly little attention has been paid to the art of actually assessing effectiveness.

Around 47% of Internal Communications (IC) professionals do not measure the impact of their communication efforts in any way, with 71% citing a lack of knowledge as their primary reason.
According to our most recent research, this is a massive oversight from both an academic and practical perspective, as company specific feedback is the only real way to evolve and bespoke your leader’s communication strategy.


In Data Driven Communication, you will learn:

• The value of measuring leadership communication.
• How to assess the output of communication.
• How to assess the impact of employee communications.
• Internal communications best practice as far as measurement is concerned.

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