Demystifying Collaboration



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This article on demystifying collaboration includes:

• Insight into research highlighting the benefits of collaboration.
• A definition of what collaboration really means.
• Information around why employees should collaborate.
• A description of when people should collaborate.
• The factors crucial for collaboration.


Lane4 research has found that although collaboration is a strategic priority for 89% of organisations, few feel that they’re doing enough of it. Indeed, 93% believe that current levels of collaboration need to increase. As a result, collaboration is often a key priority for organisations.

At Lane4, we believe that organisations who will be successful in the future will have developed a collaborative culture. This article defines the true meaning of collaboration and gives top tips on how to improve it in your organisation.


By reading Demystifying Collaboration, you will:

• Learn the true meaning and benefits of collaboration.
• Have learnt when people should collaborate.
• Know the three crucial factors for enhancing collaboration.

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