Mindfulness: The Next Buzz Word or Something We Should Take Seriously?



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This mindfulness article includes:

• A description of what mindfulness is.
• A list of the emotional, cognitive and behavioural effects which mindfulness can lead to.
• Information on how to measure mindfulness.
• Consideration of some of the latest research into mindfulness.

This article looks at the growing interest in mindfulness and considers whether you should be thinking about using it in your organisation. In doing so, it looks at the potential benefits of mindfulness. Mindfulness is highlighted as a way of handling pressure, developing resilience and facilitating personal development.


In this mindfulness article you will discover:

• What mindfulness actually is.
• How it can be applied in business and elite sport as part of a ‘people development’ strategy.
• The benefits of mindfulness in relation to improving performance and creating effective leadership.

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