Nudging your culture one step at a time



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This article on organisational culture and nudge technology includes:


  • A definition of a nudge and how it can impact on your organisations culture
  • The three principles that underpin our Nudge Technology

  • The different types of nudges that an organisation needs in order to be successful in driving behaviour


Many organisations focus on consciously changing opinions and minds to bring cultural and behaviour change. However, most will often neglect the unconscious environment which influences behaviour which is where nudges come in.

Alison Maitland, Head of Product, and Fionnuala Barnes, Research and Product Intern, define what a nudge is and how it creates behaviour change. The article also looks at the principles of Nudge Technology and the different types of nudges that can help drive successful culture change.


By reading organisational culture and nudge technology, you will:


  • Understand the importance of a nudge and how it can be used in your organisation
  • Find out what the three main principles that strengthen Nudge Technology

  • Discover the different types of nudges you need in driving behaviour change

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