Organisational culture & customer-centricity: in harmony?



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This article on organisational culture and customer-centricity includes:

  • Research on how many organisations put their customers at the centre of what they do and how this impacts on performance

  • Information on how your organisational culture can have a big impact on how customer-centric your organisation is

  • Methods organisations can take to become more customer-centric


Many organisations will say that they ‘put the customer first’, but how many of them actually do? Research would suggest that while organisations gather feedback from their customer they actually very rarely act on it.

John Knell, Co-author of The 80 Minute MBA, explores this concept and looks at how you can change organisational culture in order to create a more customer-centric organisation.


By reading organisational culture and customer-centricity, you will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the impact of putting the customer first

  • Understand the importance of using the voice of your employees to guide your culture in order to be more customer-centric

  • Get top tips on how to create a culture that promotes listening to and using the feedback from the customer

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