Telling the whole story of change



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This article on the importance of change communication includes:

  • Research on the power of communication during change
  • Information on elements that create a successful change story
  • Tips on how to communicate change in your organisation

Neuropsychology has given us deeper insight into how change affects people, showing that it challenges our strong needs for security, certainty, and fairness. As a consequence, unless a ‘story’ around change is communicated that helps to address these needs, change is likely to produce not only negative feelings, but active resistance.

Amy Aggleton, Research Manager at Lane4 and Karoline Hellmold, MSc Occupational Psychology from Birkbeck University of London, explore the importance of communication during change and how you can use it to make your change a success.

By reading telling the whole story of change you will:

  • Learn about the 6 critical pieces of information that need to be included in your change story
  • Be able to start to create a story of change for your organisation
  • Understand the best way to communicate this story for it to be effective


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