The Art of Measuring Engagement



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This article on measuring engagement looks to answer three questions:

1) Is employee engagement being measured regularly enough?
2) Is a survey the most effective way to measure employee engagement?
3) Is data actually being used to shape an organisation’s employee engagement strategy?


All organisations recognise the importance of having high levels of employee and team engagement. For instance, CIPD research has found that engaged employees enjoyed greater levels of personal wellbeing, perceived their workload to be more sustainable and are more innovative than others.

However, when it comes to measuring employee or team engagement, there is a feeling that organisations aren’t doing it particularly well. Most organisations measure engagement using a survey, be it annual, biannual or quarterly. This article considers other ways that organisations can track engagement, how this information should be used and the key role that line managers play in this process.


In The Art of Measuring Engagement you will learn:

• The pitfalls of infrequent engagement measures.
• New techniques for measuring employee engagement, to complement the use of surveys.
• The importance of effectively using engagement data to educate your employee engagement strategy.

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