The Future is Flexible



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The Future is Flexible includes:

• A description of the three elements of flexibility.
• The benefits for both employee engagement and organisational outcomes.
• Tips on how to make flexible working work for you as part of a talent management strategy.
• Examples of organisations who are currently embracing flexible working.


Flexible working is a way of getting work done that is centred much more around the employee, rather than the traditional 9 to 5 routine. There is no doubt that there has been an enormous rise in the number of organisations who are utilising flexible working policies over the last few years.

Indeed, a recent RSA study reported that 77% of UK employees are provided with some kind of flexible working. This shows that organisations must be benefiting from implementing flexible working strategies. However, companies differ in what they call flexible working, so is there a right or wrong way to do it?


In The Future is Flexible you will:

• Discover the facts and stats about the current state of flexible working.
• Understand how flexible working could benefit your organisational resilience.
• Recognise the key factors that actually create a flexible working environment.

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