Values based hiring



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This article on hiring and assessment based on values includes:

  • Analysis on whether hiring on values is enough to ensure a high intake of talent

  • Debate around whether hiring on values is in-fact a form of discrimination

  • Information on how values-based hiring can be part of a talent strategy

The people you hire have a huge impact on your organisational culture. In order to maintain your culture should you look to assess and hire people based more on values than competencies?

This article explores the positives and negatives of values-based hiring and makes the case for why it should be part of your talent management strategy.


By reading the benefits and pitfalls of values-based hiring, you will:

  • Learn how values-based hiring can impact on your organisational culture

  • Understand the difference between values-fit and organisation-fit assessment

  • Discover ways you can implement values-based hiring and assessment in your organisation

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