5 tips to achieving a work-life balance this Christmas

Working from home at Christmas

The end of the year is often a busy time because of pressure to get projects tied up, planning for 2020, as well as fitting in all the Christmas parties and meals!

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by your workload during the busy festive period. Therefore, striking a healthy work-life balance is paramount for successfully navigating yourself into the new year. Here are our 5 tips to get your work-life balance right this Christmas.

1. Plan ahead and manage expectations

There is value in managing expectations (both yours and others) at this time of year. Do people know what days you’re working, or not working, over the Christmas period? Make sure your team know when you’ll be working, and find out from anyone you’re currently working with on projects, when they are working too. Giving people the heads up sooner rather than later will help you manage those last few days in the office and hopefully avoid too many last minute requests for help.

2. You can’t do everything – so prioritise!

As the festive spirit starts to permeate through your office and you become busied with Christmas parties and lunches, prioritising is more important than ever. You won’t be able to fit everything into your plan so assess what is high priority and what can wait until the new year without any issues. By categorising your to-do list by priority, you can ensure that those important tasks aren’t a weight on your shoulders over the festive period.

3. Stop feeling guilty

If you continue to receive work emails over Christmas there may be a tendency for you to feel guilty that you aren’t working when others are – don’t! Taking time off work is valuable. People work harder and smarter after having time off1.

A recent survey of managers has shown that 72% of the managers surveyed believed that encouraging their staff to take time off makes them more willing to put in longer hours when necessary. 84% also agreed that employees are more focused and creative when they return to work after time off1. Time off isn’t just a relaxing time for you but it will also benefit your organisation in the new year – so enjoy it! The feeling of guilt can easily be stopped by turning off your notifications for your work email. If you don’t know what work everyone else is doing then you will find it easier to relax and enjoy your time off. So, switch off your work phone, shut your laptop and relax!

4. Get help from those around you

Christmas is a time to relax with family or friends so use those people around you to help you balance work and personal life. Tell them that you are stepping away from work during the festive period and ask for their help to keep you disciplined. Get them to highlight every time you go on your work phone or check your emails to help keep you on track.

5. Keep busy

Getting your work-life balance right isn’t just about staying away from work when on holiday but it’s also about enjoying life. Keep busy singing carols, watching Christmas films with friends, going on long walks with your family or doing anything else you enjoy. There is a lot to do at this time of year and you can use this busyness to keep you away from your work.

Getting your work-life balance right isn’t easy at such a busy time. Try these 5 tips to make sure you feel refreshed and ready to go in the New Year.

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