Consultant spotlight: Jenna Woolven


15 June 2018


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Q&A with Jenna Woolven

1. What motivates you?

Helping and supporting others to succeed. Enjoyment and fulfillment in what I’m doing. Being active and outdoors. Being good at what I do.

2. How do you handle pressure?

I’m more of an introvert so I tend to deal with pressure internally. I’d typically be quieter than usual but otherwise you might not know I’m feeling pressurised. Every now and then I will snap or get emotional, but that’s only under extreme pressure. On the whole I try and see pressure as a positive thing and do my best to thrive on it.

3. What will change most about the world of work in the next few years?

The delivery method through which we work with clients. The digital nature of consulting work is ever increasing, this, along with shorter, more bite-sized sessions that are easily accessible, means that my job may look very different in 5 years time!

4. What’s your defining career moment so far?

Joining Lane4 without a doubt (and I’m not just saying that). The opportunities I’ve had here to learn, develop myself in so many different areas and work with a wide range of clients has been unbelievable. Plus I love the job I do – how lucky am I!!? 

5. What book, film or tv show has really changed the way you thought about something?

I think I’m going to go for a podcast if that’s allowed. I was listening to one recently about reality and how we often hold limiting beliefs. In essence they were talking about when you’re having a conversation with someone and they have a different opinion to you. Instead of thinking ‘they’re wrong’ we should think – wow this is an opportunity to see the world through a different perspective. I just loved that concept. Often no one is wrong or right, it’s just different opinions. So having the ability to keep a completely open mind could open you up to whole new ways of thinking. I’m going to try this as much as I can!

6. What’s your favourite sport to business lesson or story?

It’s got to be Roger Bannister and belief. For me it highlights the unbelievable power of the mind – now we just need to figure out a way to harness it!!

7. What makes you proud?

Seeing friends, family or people I work with succeed. Positive comments about my work or my personality. Making other people happy.

8. What makes you angry?

Not much. I guess when people have an inability to see things from other people’s perspectives.

9.What are your best and worst characteristics?

Best – thoughtful, caring, driven, proactive

Worst – scatterbrain, rushed

10. What would you like to learn and why?

I would love to learn to speak another language fluently.

11. If you could choose anybody, who would you be for a day?

An Everest mountaineer so I could see what it feels like to stand on top of the world

12. What would your motto be (if you haven’t already got one)?

I actually have a tattoo of my motto – “Live life to the Full”

13. What personal value would you never compromise?

Fulfillment – I would never do a job which doesn’t give me meaning and enjoyment

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