Consultant spotlight: Steve Shale


06 July 2018


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Q&A with Steve Shale

1. What motivates you?

I think I’m in a very privileged position and I get a real buzz out of making an impact to people’s working lives, helping them to grow in confidence and competence.

2. How do you handle pressure?

I find 3 things are key for me:

1) discussing my challenges with a friend or colleague, this helps put it into perspective and to remember I’m not alone.

2) reflecting on my strengths and successes and building my belief wall.

3) taking time out to really relax and switch off.

3. What will change most about the world of work in the next few years?

I think that technology is going to continue at a pace to change our lives, what jobs we do, how we travel and how we communicate.

4. What’s your defining career moment so far?

I still remember my first job performance review – being walked into the City Treasurers office by my boss to be told I was getting a top merit award for my performance in the first year – which equated to a 40% pay increase! The money was great – but importantly it taught me at 16 that if you work hard and apply yourself you can achieve and get recognition.

5. What book, film or tv show has really changed the way you thought about something?

Shawshank Redemption. It was the ability to reframe and maintain resilience in the face of adversity.

6. What makes you proud?

Seeing my lads who are 20 and 23 demonstrating strong moral values.

7. What makes you angry?

Injustice and prejudice.

8. Which leader do you most admire most and why?

Nelson Mandela – because he was able to overcome injustice and prejudice.

9. What are your best and worst characteristics?

A desire to help others. I think this represents both.

10. What would you like to learn and why?

Any instrument to prove that I’m not tone deaf!

11. If you could choose anybody, who would you be for a day?

Theresa May to reverse Brexit and introduce a law to penalise any council who allows homelessness – so they have to take it more seriously.

12. Who would you like to invite for a dinner party, living or dead?

All the homeless people in Birmingham – to feed them, listen to their stories and prove that there are more 57! (a claim recently made by the authorities)

13. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

“is it a P45 issue?” when moaning about something at work – it helped put things in to perspective

14. What would your motto be (if you haven’t already got one)?

Happy to help

15. What personal value would you never compromise?


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