Employees: What does the future hold?


With the development of technology and the ever-changing environment, employees are, to no surprise, dramatically changing. Employment has changed over the course of 50 years, but what does this hold for employees of the future? We’ve highlighted 4 key elements for organisations to consider:

Resilience1 having the characteristics to overcome adversity within a workplace is a valuable trait for the future employee. Unexpected decisions or delayed responses are inevitable in such environments. We’ve all had deadlines to hit, so learn to face pressure and stress. But how can the future employee deal with this? Discover ways to deal with pressure here.

Ability to tolerate ambiguity2With the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit, having employees that can tolerate and thrive in an ambiguous environment is an essential trait. Why invest in people that may fall victim to the unknown? Seek those who thrive under pressure and aim for success, especially in the face of challenge.

To be able to ‘unlearn’3What you know now, may not be the most effective or the most up to date information. Having an employee that can ‘unlearn’ this information and recognise where they can improve, may be make or break for an organisation. Systems adapt and culture often shifts. Look for employees that can recognise this and can self-adjust accordingly.

Interpersonal Skills4With advances in technology and the ever-changing environment, employees ability to adapt and change are key characteristics to look for when recruiting talent. Working with others is almost unavoidable. Recognise those who flourish in this environment, but remember group dynamics and diversity are essential for organisational innovation.

We believe these to be the key skills of what the future of the employee needs. Find out what the employee of the future wants from your organisation in our latest infographic.



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