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Lane4 is pleased to announce its new Boost programme, designed from the ground up to change the culture, improve the customer experience and enhance the performance of multi-location businesses.

Working across your entire organisation, from your senior leaders to those on the front line spread across several locations, Boost’s cascade approach involves every member of your organisation in an intensive culture shift programme. The programme – which has already been proven to deliver considerable improvements across several key financial, engagement and brand metrics – empowers front line colleagues with the tools and support needed to improve customer experience and the bottom-line performance of businesses.

The multi-phase programme starts with a culture capture which assesses the environment of the organisation and identifies areas for development. These results are discussed with senior leaders, with a clear vision and direction developed, and key performance metrics agreed to measure success throughout the programme.

Implementation of the programme can be achieved at several locations by embedding experienced Lane4 coaches with two or more managers at one or more locations. Over a two-week period, these leaders are provided with the tools and skills they need to become internal coaches within your organisation. The Lane4 coaches then take the role as facilitators, with your newly upskilled coaches training their colleagues.

Once implemented, businesses can utilise the skills and tools taught by the Lane4 experts across multiple teams and locations, enabling every area of your business to keep benefiting from Boost for years to come, without associated time and financial commitment.


There are several benefits to Boost and culture change:

Increased staff engagement

Enabling them to speak up and take responsibility for their role in your business, driving continuous improvement with learnings from the front line. We have also seen attendance improve and sick leave decrease after Boost has been implemented.

Customer growth

With an engaged workforce driving continuous improvement, your teams genuinely care more about your business and your customers, and that makes a big difference.

Financial gain

With everyone driving to the same goal, with the same purpose, success is far more likely. Growth shouldn’t just be a top down approach.

Sharing ideas

With hundreds (if not thousands) of feet on the ground, you can quickly learn best practice across the entire business, maximising investment and efficiency.


Lane4’s new Boost programme is available now.


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To find out more, click here or contact us and one of our experienced consultants will book a convenient time to talk more about Boost, how your business could benefit and how it can be tailored to your unique structure and culture.

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