Lane4 Book Club 2018

Reaching for a book

Our consultants share their favourite books that have changed the way they look at the world.

1. Consiglieri: Leading from the shadows

by Richard Hytner

Deputy chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi, Hytner’s book entertainingly celebrates the second-in-command. A refreshing perspective on leadership.

2. Quiet

by Susan Cain

A passionate and persuasive argument on the introvert/extrovert divide. It will change how you see introverts, and how you see yourself.

3. Unfinished Business

by Anne-Marie Slaughter

Based on her own experience of juggling the balance between successful leader and devoted parent, Slaughter provides her vision of a future where the issue of equality is finally solved.

4. Black Box Thinking

  by Matthew Syed

Through case studies, real-world examples and cutting-edge research, Matthew Syed shares his insight into high performance and how to succeed by changing your attitude to failure.

5. The Power of Moments

by Chip and Dan Heath

Filled with captivating stories and actionable tips, Chip and Dan Heath explore the way small moments have transformed people’s lives and how we all have the power to harness brief moments.

6. The Employee Experience Advantage

by Jacob Morgan

Engagement is out, and experience is in. Backed by an extensive research project, Jacob Morgan reveals the secrets to creating organisations where people want to show up for work.

7. The Strategist: Be the Leader Your Business Needs

by Cynthia Montgomery

Why does your organisation matter today? And will it matter tomorrow? Based on her world-renowned strategy course at Harvard Business School, Cynthia Montgomery uncovers the strategist in each of us.

8. When

by Dan Pink

Dan Pink masterfully distils vast amounts of research and data into a compelling narrative on the science of time. With fascinating stories and captivating insight, he shows us how we can lead richer lives.