The Inside Track - Believe and you can succeed like GB Hockey


Jenna Woolven, who has played at a senior level in Women's hockey and is currently out in Rio at The Olympic Games, reports on the GB Women's Hockey Teams incredible Gold Medal win.

A sudden hush falls over the Olympic hockey stadium. Hollie Webb steps up to take the 5th and final penalty shuffle of the Olympic Games final. GB drew 3-3 with reigning World and Olympic Champions, the Netherlands, after full time of the 2016 Olympic hockey final. Whilst the crowd may have been on the edge of their seats throughout, the GB players never doubted that the Gold Medal could, and would, be theirs. They had a plan, a master plan that they knew would bring them success if they executed it right.

Led by their inspirational captain Kate Walsh, the GB girls played with a confidence and self-belief that I have never seen before in this team. Each and everyone of the girls knew exactly what their role was in that match, and what they had to do in order for the team to be at its very best. There were no individual stars on the field, just total unity and belief in themselves. This belief didn't just arrive overnight, it came from years of hard work, training at Bisham Abbey and travelling the world taking on their greatest rivals in order to prepare for the Olympic Games in the best way possible.

Winning 7 out of 7 games coming into the final further reinforced their belief that they could be Olympic Champions, a feat that has never been achieved before by Great Britain in women's hockey history.

After phenomenal goal keeper Maddie Hinch had saved 4 out of 4 of the Dutch penalties, Hollie Webb, as cool as anything, stepped up to finish off what was an unbelievable battle between 2 of the best teams in the world. Only one team could come away with Gold, and yesterday it was the team that put their heart and souls on the line to do so.

Playing with and against these girls in the English Premier League I know how much it means to them, and to be there to witness them make history and smash through barriers is something I will take with me as inspiration that anything is possible with hard work and belief.

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