The Inside Track - Can Peaty's win breed further GB success?


Last night we witnessed European Champion, Commonwealth Champion, World Champion and clear favourite, Adam Peaty obliterate the pool by breaking his own World Record and claiming Olympic Gold. This was the first Olympic Gold to be won by a GB male swimmer since Adrian Moorhouse 28 years ago, it was fitting that he was there to witness and commentate on the moment. Not only did this place Peaty alongside the greats of GB swimming, it also gave Team GB their first Gold of The Games, and every reason to go nuts!

Peaty came into the Games as clear favourite, giving him a distinct psychological advantage over the field. Not only does this build his self-belief, it can choke the belief of his rivals. Whilst listening to Peaty speak, I notice he presents himself in a way which oozes confidence, composure and leaves no room for losing. Losing simply isn’t an option. “I know I can win this(Peaty). He knows he is faster than his rivals, his rivals know he is faster than them and now the world swimming stage has witnessed just how much faster he is over his rivals. Over 1.5 seconds quicker than the Silver Medal time and another 0.79 seconds shaved off his World Record.

Shortly after this, we saw Team GB produce another medal, this time it’s a Silver from Jazz Carlin in the 400m freestyle. She described watching Peaty's performance before competing "I was in the pool room watching Adam and I had goosebumps on the block” (Jazz Carlin, moments before her race). Being part of a successful team breeds success, the more success we are exposed to the more success we are likely to encounter. I’m sure you can all remember ‘Super Saturday’ 4 years ago in London, off the back of an amazing set of GB performances in the opening week of competition. There is no doubt Team GB were in a complete state of flow, everything was going to plan and it seemed nothing could go wrong. Team GB's efforts in London 2012 are a great example of this phenomenon, the huge collaborative efforts of Team GB over recent years fosters a high performing team environment, where success quite literally breeds success. Now we have seen our first medals of The Games won, the momentum has started, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before we see team GB climb the medal table.


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