Interconnected worldview: the new perspective for leaders of the future


24 July 2019

Our research suggests the way business leaders think and operate is outdated for the times they’re in. Widely trenched assumptions and outlooks on business are no longer setting leaders up for success given the complex challenges they’re facing, and they know it.

Our findings suggest that a new context for businesses and leaders is emerging and the megatrends identified were rated by over 60% of C-suite leaders as likely to require them to think and act differently in the future.

To succeed now and in future, leaders need to radically change the way they see the business world and develop an interconnected worldview.

In this webinar, we will:

  • Share how the business environment has shifted substantially and why leaders need to change the way they see the business world
  • Look at what the new ‘interconnected worldview’ is and how it differs from an outdated worldview that today’s leaders hold
  • Uncover top 3 tips to help your leaders develop an interconnected worldview

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